A Day in the Forest


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1st Winner  -  Jury Selection

Finally the old tree goes

Photographer: Muhammad Yunus


Longat Village, Panyabungan Timur Subdistrict,
Mandailing Natal District (North Sumatra) - 2010
The sacred giant tree was a hiding place and a habitat for forest-dwellers. It finally collapsed for the benefit of certain parties, who did not consider the fate of other creatures and the various species whose home he was. “Where we will find shelter now?”, ask the inhabitants of the tree. 


 2nd Winner  -  Jury Selection

Tree frog

Photographer:  Boby Darmawan

HPH PT. Roda Mas Timber Kalimantan, Kutai Barat district,
East Kalimantan (Borneo)  -  2009
This from of the species ‘Rhacophorus nigropalmatus‘ inhabits tropical forests. It is found in Borneo and Sumatra. Indonesia‘s loss of forests will affect the populations of this particular species as well as other species in general.


3rd  Winner  -  Jury Selection 


Morning mist

Photographer:  Ismin Ikhwanur

On a bridge along the Trans Kalimantan, Palangka Raya,
Central Kalimantan (Borneo) - 2011
The location of the photo shoot is the Trans Kalimantan Highway, Central Kalimantan. This photo is taken in the morning from the top of the bridge where the new day is covered in mist, where from the riverside we can see the people of the nearby community starting their daily routine and where life has never been separated from what is called ‘forest‘.


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I’m not gonna let my country helpless

Photographer:  Moh. Fadli Rozi

Bromo National Park,
Tengger, Semeru (East Java) - 2011
We have lost many ecologically important forests - sources of timber, water, and even oxygen. Inspired by Roosevelt‘s statement that a country without trees would face a helpless future, the picture which shows how trees in a forest are tightly surrounded by water vapour and the seemingly fresh air should remind us of the urgency of saving our forests for the sake  of a better future.

2nd Runner-up  -  Jury Selection

Increasing population

Photographer:  Sofyan Effendi

Pulau Rambut Wildlife Refuge,
Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta - 2009
Two chicks of a Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), which is one of the bird species found in mangrove forests within the Pulau Rambut Wildlife Refuge of Kepulauan Seribu. Pulau Rambut is one island that harbours wild and natural mangrove forests. Many types of animals can be found there, like the gold-banded mangrove snake, the python and various types of wild birds.

3rd Runner-up  -  Jury Selection

Orchid in Arcopodo

Photographer:  Eko Budiyono Kizhi

Arcopodo Forest,
Mount Semeru (East Java) - 2011
This red violet coloured orchid grows attached to damp and mossy trunks of pine trees in     regions of cold rainforests on Mount Semeru Arcopodo at an altitude of approximately    3000 m above sea level.


Results of the Online Voting

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Morning view  

Photographer:  Peter Frank

Sentul City
(West Java) - 2011
The clouds and the fog between the trees are only there for a couple of minutes in the morning. I capture pictures whenever time permits, but I rather take action shots, especially sports and animals in action.


2nd Winner -  Online Voting


Learning in the forest

Photographer: Joshua Ratadhi M.

Kutai Sangkima National Park,
Kutai Timur District, East Kalimantan (Borneo) - 2011
A child, just learning to write, is trying to write down the names of trees, which are written on the information board. So, while getting to know the names of the trees, the little girl is also learning to read and write. Learning to read and write, loving the forest from an early age. 


 3rd Winner  -  Online Voting

The last bastion of irony

Photographer:  Rully Permana

Pasaman District,
(West Sumatra) - 2011
The photo tells us that even conservation area, which we consider the last bastion of forest defense in this country, are not spared from threat and pressure from outside parties to the integrity of areas mandated to our institution (BKSDA West Sumatra). The photo shows a  forest police officer, who found this stump of wood left behind by the perpetrator.


1st Runner-up  -  Online Voting


Photographer:  L. Andreas Sarwono 

Harapan Rainforest, Batanghari District,
Jambi (Sumatra) - 2008
When I went through the former concession forest in Batanghari District, Jambi, with a forest patrol team, I found a big tree that still stands firmly but has notches hacked in. Loggers do not cut it because the centre of the log is hollow, which reduces the sale price. This tree was left just like this with a ‘gaping lesion’.

2nd Runner-up  -  Online Voting

Amidst the pine forest

Photographer: Drs. Ary Setyadi

Taman Hutan Raya Bandung,
Dago, North Bandung (West Java) - 2009
Pine forest sustainability is maintained in Tahura Juanda Bandung, which is located in Dago, Northern Bandung, and serves as a stronghold of conservation for the City of Bandung. The Juanda Park was declaired a World City Forest and will hopefully become a monument to remind us of the importance of environmental sustainability. 

3rd Runner-up  -  Online Voting

Calming my heart

Photographer: Winton Danardi

A small forest along the side of the road between the towns of Batu and Kediri(East Java) - 2009
This photo is trying to show that one function of a tree for us, mankind, is spending shadow and shelter from the sun; even though this is only one of countless primary functions of this very tree. This effect is shown by the shadow in the centre, which leads to the observer. Apart from the aesthetics and the functions shown in this photo, it also leads us to an increasingly important discussion of these days: global warming.