People and Forests

Results of the Jury Selection

1st Winner -  Jury Selection

Hunting fish in the river

Photographer: Bambang Dwi Wijayanto

Location: Lebak District, Banten (Java) - 2010

The river is a source for human life; life of the river biota depends very much on the preservation of the surrounding forest. Preserving forest ecosystems means protecting the existing biota in rivers to ensure that they can still be enjoyed by our grandchildren.


2nd Winner -  Jury Selection

Modernisation of the jungle

Photographer: Arief Sunarya 

Location: Bukit Duabelas National Park, Jambi (Sumatra) - 2006 

An adult of Indonesia’s remaining indigenous Kubu tribe proudly shows off his latest purchase: a motorcycle. Neighbors of surrounding villages have introduced modern products into the   traditional way of life of the Kubu people. As as result many Kubu people trade their ancestral land for motocycles, sound systems and cellular phones. 


3rd Winner -  Jury Selection

My burnt forest

Photographer: Arie Basuki

Location: Jampang Kulon, South Sukabumi (Java) - 2007

A mother is holding her child while collecting firewood in the vicinity of a burnt forest in Jampang Kulon, South Sukabumi. The forest area in South Sukabumi are currently suffering damage due to logging activities as well as through the practice of residents who burn forests to convert them into farmland.


1st Runner-up -  Jury Selection

When orangutans become a nuisance

Photographer: Feri Latief

Location: Pinyuh River, West Kalimantan (Borneo) - 2010 

Orangutans are tied to the ground as villagers look on in Sungai Pinyuh, in Indonesia’s Province of West Kalimantan, November 22, 2010. According to a villager, the primates were captured when they came to the village in search of food, and were beaten, resulting in the death of one orangutan.   Rainforests cover 60 percent of Indonesia, and yet the country is one of the world’s leading emitters of greenhouse gas blamed for global warming. The reason is that Indonesia also has one of the planet’s fastest rates of deforestation. Deforestation is destroying the natural habitat of the primates and driving them out of the forests.

2nd Runner-up  -  Jury Selection

Mentawai life

Photographer: Muhammad Fadli

Location: Rorogot Village, Siberut Island, Kepulauan Mentawai (West Sumatra ) - 2010 

Bajak Soromut, a Mentawai shaman, steps outside his Uma (traditional Mentawai house)  before hunting in the surrounding forest. The Mentawai are an indigenous tribe living deep inside the lush forest of Siberut Island. They have an ancient belief that all things in the universe have spirit. Thus, they cannot live careless.


3rd Runner-up -  Jury Selection

Setting off to work the land in the forest

Photographer:  Bambang Dwi Wijayanto 

Location: Manggar Protection Forest, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Borneo) - 2010 

The work of the community in the Manggar Protection Forest, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, is farming. And every morning they set off, crossing the Manggar dam to start working the land.


Results of the Online Voting

1st Winner  -  Online Voting


Photographer: Beni Okarda

Location: Area of community forest, Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Barat (Lombok) - 2011

On her way home with her grandson, after a long tiring day in the forest, the place on which their lives depend on, from generation to generation.


2nd Winner  -  Online Voting


Pine resin tapping

Photographer: Rozie Soehendy

Location: Jayagiri Lembang, Bandung (West Java) - 2011

The Jayagiri pine forests (Pinus merkusii) serve as a source of income for the community arround the forest. Tapping the sap of pine which is when distributed to the Perhutani cooperative, does not disturb the main function of the trees: serving as the “lung” for Northern Bandung.   

3rd Winner  -  Online Voting


Photographer: Amston Probel

Location: Area of Bukit Barisan Gunung Biru, West Lampung (Sumatra) - 2005

Treehouses were inhabited by people in the area of the mountainous region of Gunung Biru, Sowo Subdistrict, in the West Lampung regency. Several years ago, the peopl used trees on hilltops as homes to avoid elephant rampage. At this height, they hoped it would be difficult for the elephants to reach the places where the people built their homes. There they lived comfortably and were able to sleep peacefully. 


1st Runner-up  -  Online Voting

A happy smile coming home from farm labour

Photographer: Teguh Wicaksono

Location: Ake Fidi River, Halmahera Tengah District, (North Maluku) - 2010
Farming is one of the livelihoods of the residents in the vicinity of the Aketajawe Lolobata National Park, North Maluku. They cultivate cassava, sago and corn. When working the land they bring the whole family along. Although it is a subsistence life, they are willing to accept what God has given them. A valuable lesson for all of us. 


2nd Runner-up  -  Online Voting


Taking care of an elephant

Photographer: Komarudin

Location: Area of the Way Kambas National Park, Lampung Province (Sumatra) - 2009
An elephant handler is monitoring the development of wild elephant, which have been captured and will be trained to become an attraction in the elephant conservation  centre in the region of Way Kambas in East Lampung. 
3rd Runner-up  -  Online Voting

Little Tarzan

Photographer: Mahdi Firmanda Saputra

Location: Mount Pancar, Bogor (West Java) - 2011
Forest has become a haven for many Indonesian. Thanks to the forests we can breathe. The forests can fulfill all our needs. And thanks to the forests, we can live as seen in this picture, where two small children are climbing high trees to fetch something from the treetop. This shows us clearly that the forests environment is very important to them. So, save our forests!